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7 Ways to Repurpose Flowers after your wedding day! Advice from a Wedding Planner!

I always love when my couples prioritize flowers for their big day! There is nothing better than a space filled with gorgeous arrangements that tie together the whole atmosphere. No matter how big your floral budget is, I think we can all agree that the saddest part is seeing them get trashed at the end of the night! If you are worried about your wedding flowers going to waste, or you aren’t sure how to repurpose them after your wedding day, this blog post is for you! Whether you are getting married soon or you are a wedding florist looking for advice for your own couples, I hope this post is helpful! 

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1. Donate to a Nursing Home

I think one of the sweetest things you can do with your wedding flowers is to donate them to a local nursing home or assisted living. How sweet will it be to brighten the days of the residents & staff & put a smile on their face. Even more points if you have a family member residing there! 

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2. Donate to a Hospital

Another great place to donate your wedding flowers to is a hospital! Like a nursing home, it’s a place that can sometimes be associated with sad & anxious feelings. Flowers are a perfect way to bring joy & smiles for the doctors, nurses, staff, & patients! 

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3. Donate to a Funeral Home

I recently saw a post about a couple that placed their wedding bouquets on gravestones in a cemetery, since sometimes they aren’t kept up super nicely. I thought it was the kindest gesture! And how comforting for the family members of those loved ones who had passed?! Branching off of this idea, I think it is also a great idea to donate flowers to a funeral home so they can be used for any upcoming funerals where they might not have a huge budget. 

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4. Donate to a Church

I had a past bride get married on Easter weekend, and she donated her flowers to her church to be displayed on Easter Sunday! Whether your wedding is around a holiday or not, I think donating flowers to a church is also a lovely way to repurpose them after the big day! 

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5. Press or Preserve Them

It is becoming more & more common for bride’s to save their bouquet & turn it into something beautiful to cherish for the rest of their life, & I am HERE FOR IT! Two main ways I see this is by drying & pressing their bouquet, or by having it preserved by a professional. Not only your bouquet, but any arrangements on your wedding day that are special to you can be saved & preserved! I have seen preserved bouquets turned into a picture frame to decorate your home for years to come, book ends for a book shelf, ring holders for your wedding bands, & even coasters. It is a business that has truly taken off, & the options are endless! Whether you DIY or find a professional, I think this is something all couples should look into. 

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6. Let Guests or Family Members Take Them Home

Usually during clean up, I see the couple’s parents offering their friends, family members, & guests any leftover flowers that they may want! I think it is a great idea to have the DJ announce that anyone is welcome to take an arrangement before they line up for the exit. However, be sure that someone, maybe your coordinator or MOH, grabs the bride’s bouquet, and any other special arrangement that you hope to save to press or preserve! I have even seen couples provide bud vases or butcher paper for guests to just take a few blooms from each arrangement to make their own little one to take home! This also adds to your guests experience & creates a fun activity for them. 

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7. Donate to Local Businesses or Other Events 

Being a small business owner myself, I am always happy to support other fellow business owners, & always grateful for the big & small ways people have supported me. One way to do this with your wedding flowers is to see if there are any local businesses that might have an event or grand opening happening around the time of your wedding. It would be so awesome to donate leftover flowers to them to support their event. If not a small business, maybe you know friends or family that might be hosting a baby shower or birthday party that could use the blooms too! 

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There are so many ways to repurpose wedding flowers instead of trashing them & letting them go to waste! These are my 7 ideas, but I am interested to hear if you have other thoughts? Flowers are such a simple way to bring color & beauty to not only your wedding day, but to people & events of all kinds. I am encouraging you to make someone’s day by donating your wedding flowers, however you see fit!! Let me know what fun plans you have for your wedding flowers! 

Please let me know if you have any questions about the vendors that participated in the weddings shown in this blog! 

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