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How To Prepare For Wedding Flat Lay Photos

Updated: Apr 23

If you’re unsure what a flat lay is, simply put, it is a photo of objects laid out on a flat surface taken from directly above. Typically, special items from the wedding day are gathered for the photographer to capture the details and memories. I especially love seeing the creative ways photographers arrange the items! Here are a few examples:

Some brides like these keepsake photos, while others love them! If it’s important to you that flat lay photos are taken, I would suggest for the bride to have a conversation with the photographer about it before booking them for the wedding day. Some photographers have lots of experience shooting flat lays, and even have different flat lay backdrops, colored ribbon, & cute ring boxes to make the details stand out more. 

It’s also helpful to have a box of items prepared for your photographer to use when they arrive on the wedding day. I would suggest including any of the following: 

  • Invitations with envelopes, especially if there are unique designs or stamps

  • Vow books

  • Shoes and fun socks

  • Wedding party gifts

  • Personalized decor items 

  • Bride and groom rings

  • Ring box

  • Other special jewelry or cuff links that will be worn on the day of the wedding

  • Lipstick worn on the day

  • Perfume and cologne bottles (this is a neat way to document smells, which can bring back many memories!)

  • Heirloom and sentimental items

  • Borrowed and blue items

  • Flowers! Ask your florist for some extras they may have or consider adding on flowers specifically for flat lay photos

Allowing the photographer to have plenty of time to arrange the flat lays is important. Be sure your planner knows you want those photos so that she can build in time on the timeline! This will ensure that things run smoothly, that the photos are captured, and that you remember the fun and meaningful details from your wedding day for years to come! 

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